Pitfalls in German? I share my knowledge with you in my blog.

Pleased to meet you - my name is Katja Heimann-Kiefer.

Back in my schooldays, I was one of those who were good at languages and science. This fact not only made school immensely rewarding for me – it eventually became the key to my professional future too. I soon realised that neglecting one of your talents is a recipe for unhappiness, so I chose a profession which allowed me to make equal use of my penchant for languages and my interest in science.

Now I'm a text expert: a technical translator, a software localisation veteran, a junkie for the written word, a fan of clear language and a full-time perfectionist.

In our joint projects, I use my knowledge and experience to ensure your text has the desired effect. I give you the advice you need, point out potential problems and recommend solutions that make sense. I do my job properly, you see. I work for you, but I’m happiest of all when I’m working with you too. This is because we can only get good results if we work together as a team.

And good results are my goal.

If they’re your goal too, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be glad to help you.

The “technical data”: my qualifications …

  • 1994: University degree as technical translator, University of Hildesheim, Germany
    Specialist subjects: mechanical and electrical engineering, 1989/90 foreign studies at Dublin City University, Ireland
  • 1993: Certificate for technical writing, University of Hildesheim, Germany
  • 2005: Training Module 1 according to the guidelines of DGSV (German Society for Sterile Supply), certificate as Technical Sterilisation Assistant
  • 2019: Professional copywriting (German media academy, Akademie der deutschen Medien)
  • Continuing education, a selection: Transcreation (BDÜ), SEO (VFLL), Basics of Easy German (“Leichte Sprache”), Creative text-writing, “USP, Claim & Headline”, Bacteria and antibiotics (BDÜ), Environmental measurements, Home and building automation (BDÜ), Endoscopy (BDÜ)

… and lots of experience!

  • 1994–1998: Lived and worked in Ireland
    Employed by two major translation/localisation companies
    Responsibilities: Translation, coordination of mono- and multilingual projects, management and quality assurance of work done by external translators, terminology work
  • 1998–present: Self-employed as a translator in Germany
  • Selected projects which I successfully completed for direct clients and agencies:
    • Creating and maintaining software documentation (HTML format) for two products
    • Writing newsletter articles for a pump manufacturer
    • Writing a manual for a gourmet service
    • Translating and correcting scientific articles for an instrument sterilisation journal
    • Editing training material in the field of instrument reprocessing
    • Translating various instructions for use for med-tech products
    • Translating and editing a variety of marketing documents for numerous IT suppliers
    • Translating the website, apps and help articles for a family research company
    • Translating training material for sales staff
  • Spring 2014: Teaching assignment at Hildesheim University for the translation of technical texts from English into German as part of the Master’s course “Language and Technology”

Professional affiliations

  • BDÜ: German association of translators and interpreters, www.bdue.de
  • VFLL: German association of freelance editors, www.vfll.de
  • DGSV: German association for sterile processing, www.dgsv-ev.de