If you want good results, you’ve got to ask the right questions.

Why Kiefheim should be your first choice

There are many good reasons for choosing to cooperate with me. Of course it’s all up to you and your priorities:

  • You attach great importance to presenting your company in a professional way, so you know your texts deserve the same amount of dedication as your product design.
  • You want to reach your audience with your content and your message.
  • You are convinced that you can achieve more with clear natural language than with stilted and empty phrases.
  • You want to have the peace of mind that your published texts are error-free despite any last-minute panic or your team’s overfamiliarity with the text.
  • You know that text professionals with a grasp of technical matters combined with translation competence aren’t at all easy to find.

If you agree with these points, we could be the perfect match because:

  • I translate ideas and not just words. This means your German texts don’t stay on the surface but transport the actual meaning.
  • I produce informative texts which are a pleasure to read.
  • I enjoy making thorough corrections that make your text even more to the point. Here, I can bring my perfectionism to bear – and every error eliminated adds to your good reputation!
  • I ask questions: when statements are unclear, guessing and assuming are not the right way to produce a good text. As a matter of fact, my customers often appreciate this chance to further improve their own material.