A text isn’t perfect until a native speaker has worked on it.

Text writing, editing, translation

Text writing: good German texts

You want to arouse interest, make things easy to understand and showcase your competence. I write texts for achieving these goals. I'm very comfortable with technical subjects but my horizon is much broader than that. In all cases I focus on producing meaningful content with no blah-blah. No matter whether it’s exciting newsletters, interesting reports or reader-friendly instructions: make it easy for your customers to understand you.

Editing and proofreading: better German texts

You want to be sure that structure, style, spelling and all the rest are good. You can be sure of that when I check, correct and optimise your texts. The benefit for you: when you let me go hunting for errors, I really come into my own. I check facts, polish awkward wording, ensure correct typography, and of course I insert forgotten commas and track down typos. Having your texts proofread by a third party is indispensable quality assurance and ensures faultless texts with content that really hits the spot. Because there’s no other way to be convincing.

Translation and transcreation: English – German

You want to reach your German audiences. To this end, I turn your English texts into good German ones that sound like originals. This often entails more than just translation – think transcreation: I give your German texts what they need to create the desired effect with your target group. This way the German texts help to achieve your goals too.

As a translator with a university degree I could translate into English too, but I only translate texts into German: after all, it’s your image that’s at stake, so every word and every nuance must be spot-on – and this is only possible when you’re working in your native tongue.